E-File.com Review


E-File.com is an online tax software focused on helping you handle taxes professionally and without worries. Most of the time filing taxes can be a chore and extremely challenging. 

But with the right focus and true attention to detail, you will find that handling taxes has never been easier. It all comes down to figuring this thing out and adapting to the situation in a clever way.

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What can E-File.com do for you?

The E-File.com service is designed to help taxpayers file their income taxes faster and in a more convenient way. Dealing with paper forms in the digital age is unpleasant, and that’s why it makes a lot of sense to use E-File.com. The service has dedicated online tax software and the costs are very affordable. This means you can file your taxes professionally without having to worry about any issues, and it will totally be worth it in the end.

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Navigation is particularly interesting in E-File.com because they do a very good job with it. You can have a QA approach or self-guided navigation. If you’re a newcomer you will find the QA system to be better, since it will help you file anything without having to worry that you are actually missing anything. This really helps a lot in such a situation and it will make eliminating any potential problems or challenges a whole lot easier. It can be a bit confusing to do all of this on your own, so adapting and adjusting all of that can be very interesting. Having a guide is very helpful and that’s all you really want as a newcomer. If they have a step-by-step guide like they do here, things are even better and more interesting.

Ease of use

When it comes to ease of use, E-File.com crushes it. That’s because this is one of the few software services out there with dedicated support staff. So if you end up running into any kind of issues, they will be there to help you. It’s easy to encounter tax questions and issues out there, all you need is to find the best way to deal with those naturally. And it will be worth the effort if you handle it the right way. Of course, there are some demanding situations all the time, but tackling all of that in a professional manner can really make quite the difference.

You are unable to import the W-2 forms, which is a bit of a downside. However, you will notice that E-File.com still does its calculations pretty well and they are accurate. This is good because they put a lot of work and effort into optimizing the process and making it as comprehensive as they possibly can.



E-File.com is a great service because it has a free federal filer service for the most part. They come with some nice additional tools and a stellar knowledge base. They are mostly suitable for simple tax situations, if you have a more complex tax situation then you may have to hire a professional for that. But for simple taxation tasks, this is actually a great option!

Save 30% at E-file.com