Best Medical Bill Negotiation Service


This is the list of the best medical bill negotiation services. Medical Cost Advocate provides health care cost reduction solutions to benefit consumers and employee payers.


Bill negotiation services rarely negotiate medical bills. While companies like Trim can handle medical bills, you will want to choose an insurance company specializing in medical expenses if your prescription costs are particularly high.

Medical Cost Advocate

The Medical Cost Advocate takes a percentage of savings if they can help you negotiate health-related expenses. Furthermore, Medical Cost Advocate charges a fee of 35% of the savings made by their clients. There is no risk of reducing your health care bills through bill negotiation since you won't have to pay if it doesn't work.


The most expensive option is undoubtedly BillAdvisor. Their free plan secures savings based on a 50 percent share of the savings. You can also become a BillAdvisor member for $12.99 per month.


You can save a lot and avoid unnecessary bills with Trim. Trim analyzes your spending patterns by tying your bank account to your Trim account once you've created one. The software then shows you repeating subscriptions, so you know what you're spending each month.


Connect your bank account to Truebill after downloading the app for Android or iOS so that Truebill can track your spending. Secure data is stored with Truebill using industry-standard protocols. In addition, the app is encrypted with 256-bit encryption, the same level used by banks.