Best Identity Theft Protection Companies


What is the best identity theft protection company? Many companies and organizations sell services that promise to “protect your identity.” This is the list of best identity theft protection companies. 

Best Company to Protect Against Identity Theft

Identity Guard:

With Identity Guard, IBM's Watson machine protects you against identity theft. Your Social Security number will be scanned by the company on the dark web, and you'll be equipped with safe browsing tools for online shopping, banking, and bill-paying.


IdentityForce covers two-factor authentication fraud, medical fraud, and cyber fraud, as well as protection against identity theft. It includes less common features like opting out of junk mail, which is a feature that only top-rated services include.


In addition to monitoring security and privacy, ID Shield's further services include consultation and restoration. IDShield consists of licensed private investigators who work full-time, whose services are available to members at any time through a mobile app.


As part of the LifeLock product line, you can establish credit reporting, identity monitoring, and recover your identity. With LifeLock's partnership with Norton 360, you get protection for all devices, including computers and mobile devices, and a money-back guarantee of 60 days.


In comparison, some competing plans at similar price points do not offer family members free identity theft protection. There is an identity theft policy included in every plan that is even as basic as the regular one