Best Personal Safety Apps


What is the best personal safety app? With so many safety apps for smartphones and devices, it can be difficult to find out which one is the best, this is the list of best personal safety apps. 


In contrast to many other safety apps, bSafe provides all its standard features free. With this app, you have a clock; you can share your location with your friends, you can see your friends' location on an interactive map, a feature that lets your friends track your progress, and an option to receive a fake call.


Your location will be visible to friends or family members who are added to 'circles', so long as the location services on your smartphone are turned on. In addition, if you arrive or depart from a destination, the app sends you real-time alerts.


It can be used even if you don't own a smartphone since no app needs to be downloaded. Upon signing up, you simply tell Kitestring what time your run will start, and then they will check in on you. Then, all you have to do is text them back at the appointed time to let them know you're fine. Those who do not will be alerted through your pre-determined emergency contact.

One Scream

Screaming is our instinctive reaction in extreme distress. One Scream is voice-activated, so you can scream when you are in extreme distress. It activates your phone's alarm when it detects a panic scream. The phone vibrates, and you hear a loud siren, as well as lights, flashing.

Red Panic Button

By pressing the red panic button in this app, users can send a Google Maps link to their emergency contacts. The app can also access Twitter accounts so that emergency messages can be tweeted.