Best Outdoor Clothing Brands USA


What is the best outdoor clothing brand? this is the list of best outdoor clothing brands. Outfit your next adventure in the wild with gear from 5 great outdoor brands making top-notch clothing, shoes, camping equipment, and more.

Top Outdoor Clothing Brands


Patagonia, in my opinion, should easily be considered one of the top fashion brands. The outdoors clothing company Patagonia was founded on a fly-fishing heritage and has gained a cult-like following because of it. A pristine environment named after Patagonia, Patagonia cares for the Earth. This is one of the best outdoor gear brands.

The North Face

Also associated with the world of techwear and outdoor apparel, 'The North Face' can be called the face of those industries. In 1968, Eddie Bauer launched the down jacket. However, there were other outdoor clothing brands before that. However, the constant innovation and dedication to function are what have made The North Face a standard. 

Helly Hansen

One of the pioneers of outdoor apparel, this brand hails from Norway. Helly Hansen designed waterproof garments like this one in the early years of 'performance fabric,' when it meant fabrics soaked in fat. These garments were designed for sailors working in the cold North Sea. You will get the best mountain wear brands.


Moncler is one of the most popular outdoor clothing brands in Italy and the archetype of luxury techwear. The French fashion brand's roots can be traced back to the '50s ski scene, and it offers technical outdoor apparel designed by top designers such as Craig Green and Kei Ninomiya.


A name synonymous with quality outerwear that is affordable, Columbia hails from Portland, U.S., a city known for its rain. In 1938, Columbia became an institution that is best described as tested tough. Fashion has become an important part of the brand's portfolio in recent years.

These are the best outdoor clothing companies.