Best Home Warranty Companies


What is the best home warranty company? A home warranty is a type of insurance that covers repairs or replacements for major systems in a home, such as a roof, the plumbing system, and electrical wiring. 

Best Home Warranty Companies

Landmark Home Warranty:

Marked is an organization that specializes in providing home service contracts to regional homeowners. It is also worth mentioning that Landmark is able to provide no-fault coverage for plumbing and electrical issues caused by improper installation, repair, modification, or capacity issues due to subterranean termites. This is one of the best home warranty companies.

American Home Shield: 

The oldest company in the industry is American Home Shield. A comprehensive coverage plan that covers 21 home appliances and systems is on offer. Optional coverage is also available for electronics. Owned by Frontdoor, American Home Shield offers home insurance.

Choice Home Warranty: 

Choice, founded in 2008, operates in most states except California and Washington, where it has a contractor network of more than 15,000 professionals. Instead of having a team of one or two reps follows the claim from start to finish, Choice assigns a team of two to three reps to handle each service request.

AFC Home Club: 

Home warranty companies like AFC Home Club offer four different plans that can be customized to meet your needs. Among the few companies that allow customers to choose their own contractors. This company stands out because of this feature.

First American Home Warranty: 

First American has been in business for 36 years, and its monthly premiums are some of the lowest on the market. Additionally, you may receive coverage for incorrect installation and permits as needed for covered repairs through the two plans.

These are the top rated home warranty companies