Best Smart Alarm Clocks


This is the list of the best smart alarm clocks. With a smart alarm, you can sleep as much as you can, it will wake you up until you get up and leave your bed. Every morning, you don't have to worry about it.

Emerson Smart Alarm Clock

The Emerson SmartSet has a price tag of $35, which is not bad for a smart alarm clock that costs about $40. This Bluetooth alarm clock charger features a compact design and easy-to-read display, as well as an FM radio with 20, presets and Bluetooth for streaming your own music. 

Anker Soundcore Smart Alarm Clock

Anker, famous for power banks and speakers, makes this smart alarm clock. Enjoy waking up to your favorite tunes on the go via Bluetooth and a full-range stereo speaker. 

Hatch Restore Smart Alarm Clock

Sunrise alarm clocks have been a niche product at Hatch since it was created for sleep-deprived new parents. By setting up wake-up or downtime schedules, Restore helps establish healthy sleep habits. 

Amazon Echo Dot 4th-Gen Smart Alarm Clock

In addition to its already comprehensive features, the Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation now includes an alarm clock. With this device, you get balanced sound as well as (of course) voice control, which means you can simply ask Alexa which time you would like to wake up.

Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock

Lenovo's attractively designed smart alarm clock features Google Assistant support, making it comparable to the Echo above. Displays large numbers as well as the time and temperature on its LED display.