Best Mental Health Tools


This is the list of best mental health screening tools. these are the new digital tools would be used as a supplementary treatment to traditional therapy, for those who aren't able to access the support of a mental Health Tools

Best Screening Tool for Mental Health


The app is compatible with IOS and Android devices. You can find many therapists that could help you in your time of need. There are unlimited texting options, and there are no fees to consult the specialist again. 


You will find a professional therapist by using BetterHelp. This app has become famous because of its effortless working options. With a single click, you will find unlimited therapists in Infront of you. Thus, it's better to consult a professional while sitting at home. 


Headspace is another excellent option to deal with mental problems. You will find many solutions from the therapist, and there is no need to hide your doctor's feelings. You can talk freely, and there is no time limit. You can consult anytime. 

7 cups

There are many apps about mental health. But 7 cups have been f=doing this job with an excellent outcome. You can talk to your recommended therapist, and he/she would listen to you with care and attention. You can get the medications as well. 


This is the people’s community to provide the forum to discuss the problems and their solutions. It’s the most authentic way to communicate with people and deal with your mental health.