Best Mattresses for Back Pain Sufferers


What is the best mattress for back pain sufferers? this is the list of the best mattresses for lower back pain sufferers. The most commonly recommended beds for back pain are memory foam and latex. 

Helix Midnight

Helix is an online “bed-in-a-box” company that offers a range of hybrid mattresses designed to provide personalized comfort. Each one is designed specifically to address the sleep preferences and body types of specific individuals. This is one of the best mattress types for back pain sufferers.

Nectar Mattress

With the Nectar, you get top-notch sleep with no financial strain. In addition to delivering outstanding pressure relief and motion isolation, this memory foam mattress also significantly reduces body heat. In addition, it's more affordable than average memory foam models.

Saatva Classic

A hybrid mattress that combines the superior support of traditional innerspring with the enhanced comfort of modern foam, the Saatva Classic is the premier choice for those seeking superior support and comfort. Euro-top designs offer luxury as well as sturdiness and temperature regulation without sacrificing comfort.


Back pain sufferers often need WinkBed mattresses that are supportive yet inconspicuous in order to keep their bodies on an even plane. This minimizes pressure along the spine and as a result, will reduce their back pain. 


The pocketed coil support cores in hybrid mattresses keep the interior cool, and this is why they are considered one of the best mattress types for hot sleepers. Luxury cashmere covers DreamCloud, which maintains natural breathability.

These are the best mattress for back pain sufferers.