Best Calorie Counting Apps


What is the best calorie counting app? this is the list of best calorie counting apps. It tracks your weight and calculates a recommended daily calorie intake, also it has a well-designed food diary and an exercise log.

Best Calorie Counter App

Myfitnesspal App

It's the right tool to help in achieving your fitness goal. You can manage to track your exercise time and count the calories to get a fit and healthy lifestyle. Thus, there would be alerts to inform you about your workout timings. 

LoseIt App

It's available in the primary and premium versions to deal with weight and fitness goals. You can track the workout timings and get an alert to keep an eye on your activities. The best app to provide accurate and perfect plans to shape your body. 

MyNetDiary App

This app will be beneficial in consulting the nutritionist on demand and will maintain your health with proper diet plans. You can track your exercise timings and get the food choices to reduce your weight and increase metabolic activities. 

Fooducate calorie count App

By installing this app, you will come across many unhealthy food options. It will inform you and protect you from foods that could be harmful to your health. You will eat and live healthy by using this app. 

Noom coach App 

Noom Coach is famous for observing and boosting your thoughts on food. You will eat healthy, and it will provide a list of some beneficial food options and meal plans.