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Sonos Roam

As you might expect, Sonos' newest portable speaker is sleek, powerful, and offers incredible sound. Besides being drop-resistant and highly water-resistant, it also offers an extremely long battery life of ten hours.

Logitech StreamCam

Have you dreamed of giving up your job for Twitch to play FIFA all day with your fans? You better purchase a high-quality camera if you want it done right because they deserve the very best. 


The humbling rowing machine is being attempted to accomplish the same thing Peloton did for home cycling. In addition to showing training routines and all the stats you need for tracking your progress, a 22" touch screen allows you to train with friends and fellow rowers. 

Polaroid Go

This ultra-compact instant camera is a top-notch party camera that has a few surprising extras. Small enough to fit in a pocket, it produces the brand's renowned square prints and includes a selfie mirror and double exposure mode.

Angell E-Bike

Despite being light and packed with useful features, the Angell is one of the best e-bikes on the market. These are the best gifts and gadgets reviews