Best Cell Phone Companies in the USA


Are you looking for, What is the best cell phone company in the USA? which cell phone company has the best coverage in the USA? This is the list of the best cell phone companies in the USA. The top five wireless telecommunications facilities-based service providers by subscriber count in the United States.

Best Cell Phone Companies in the USA

T Mobile

Now, it's easy to talk with your loved ones by spending less. T Mobile is offering the 5G network with affordable family packages. You can get its monthly subscription is $ 60, and it's amazing for long talk time. 


When you are looking for some comprehensive call plans and some attractive international packages, Verizon is smart enough to provide you great customer service with some detailed family packages. You can get its package for $ 70 and never wait too long. 


If you have a big family, you never need to go anywhere. Simply buy the Sprint package for $ 60 and get unlimited talk time, texts, and family plans. It's not late to pick up your phone and talk to your loved ones. 


Metro PCS has become popular because of its affordable single and couple mobile plans. Its subscription is available at $ 50, and you can get what you exactly want from a smartphone company. 


Cricket is a simple and affordable mobile plan. It's best for teens, and you can get reasonable rates and prepaid service with a 4G network. There are no annual contracts, and you can use the mobile without any worry.