Best Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats


What is the best pet insurance for dogs? this is the list of best pet insurance. The main plan from Pets Best covers accidents and illnesses for cats and dogs with no age restrictions on enrollment. 

Healthy Paws

Despite an annual deductible and no payout limits, Healthy Paws provides pet coverage for injuries and illnesses. Moreover, Healthy Paws offers alternatives to traditional animal care, including hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. This is the pet's best pet insurance.


With a real-time veterinary expense payment system, Trupanion stands out among our peers. The difference between Healthy Paws and Trupanion is that Healthy Paws also only offers one plan, while Trupanion provides many additional plans, such as a Pet Owner Assistance Program and Recovery and Care Rider.

Pets Best

Upon enrolling in Pets Best's main plan, cats and dogs are covered from accidents or illnesses regardless of their age. A three-tiered plan is offered: Essential, Plus, and Elite. The benefits go up as you move up the tiers, such as covering accident and illness exam fees and paying for rehabilitation.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace doesn't cover preexisting conditions like all of the other companies in our rating, but there is an exception. In the future, it may be able to cover your pet again if they suffer from a curable condition and have been symptom-free and have not been treated for at least one year.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Pet health insurance from the ASPCA covers cats and dogs for illness and accidents. A deductible and payout limit can both be adjusted for these plans. ASPCA covers many accidents and illnesses but also covers treatments for behavioral problems, such as pulling fur and destructive chewing.